How do I make an object face a direction instantly?

I’ve looked absolutely everywhere for a question that I’m sure has a really simple answer that no one has answered (online at least that I could find and I went through 7 pages of the google search). So I ask a simple question. How can I make an object face a direction, not rotate that direction, not face towards an object, just instantly turn and look that direction, for example turn and look 90 degrees. Because there is a way to make an object go to a location quickly and simply, so how do I do it with rotation?

After read your comment, I finally figure out what you want.

You can try Quaternion.LookRotation() , it generates a Quaternion with a Direction vector


if you want press Left Arrow and player face the “Camera’s Left”, you can do below

void Update(){
           transform.rotation = Quaternion.LookRotation(-Camera.main.transform.right) ;


Or you can change Camera.main.transform.right to a literal direction like new Vector3(-1,0,0)