How do I make an object rotate to rotation given by the keyboard?

I’m trying to create a script where a number typed from the keyboard directly controls an objects rotation. Im doing this so that i can have another software which emulates keystrokes emulate a typing a number on a keyboard and having an object rotate to that number. the code i created is:

    transform.rotation.y = (Input.inputString);

the problem is when i run it i get:

Cannot convert ‘String’ to ‘float’.
does anyone have a way i can take keyboard inputted numbers and use them to control an objects rotation? thank you.

The whole thing is wrong: you can’t assign a string to a float directly, and transform.rotation is a Quaternion, whose xyzw components have nothing to do with those nice angles you see in the Inspector under the caption Rotation - they are actually transform.eulerAngles.

You could use something like this instead:

private var text: String;

function Update(){
  for (var c: char in Input.inputString) {
    if ("01234567890.-".IndexOf(c) >= 0){ // if numeric key...
      text += c; // add it to text
    } else { // otherwise finish input:
      var angle: float;
      // if valid number in text...
      if (float.TryParse(text, angle)){ // store it in angle...
        // and set eulerAngles.y to the number typed:
        transform.eulerAngles = Vector3(0, angle, 0);
      text = ""; // let text ready for next number

This code concatenates numeric chars (digits, decimal dot or minus sign) in the variable text, and when a non-numeric key (like Enter/Return) is pressed it tries to convert text to a float and rotates the object to this angle.