How do I make Arabic characters connect properly?

I am making a simple game and I have been adding a few languages for extended accessibility, and I wanted to add Arabic, but I have noticed a few problems. First, Unity was not showing it correctly, it was showing left to right, and Arabic is a right to left language, so I added this code:

    string ReverseTextForR2LLanguages(string s)
         char[] charArray = s.ToCharArray();
         return new string(charArray);

The characters did reverse correctly, but now I notice that it does not connect the characters. The string I am trying to display correctly is العربية, but all of the characters are showing separately. Also for some reason, it’s not letting me upload an image, so here’s a link to the image of the text.

Any help would be appreciated!

Have a look at this asset. It seems like it could fix the rendering issues for arabic texts. Though I can’t verify, I can’t read arabic script :slight_smile:

There have been several threads on the forum about right to left languages. Maybe you’ll find some information there. Please do not necro post on those threads, especially when they only have a “tangential” problem. Hijacking threads is a no.-go :slight_smile: Just create your own thread if you think that would help.

There are also paid assets (like this one) on the asset store which may have a higher quality / better support, but of course cost money :). Note that I can’t really verify the quality, though you “usually” get better support for such assets.