How do I make assets, make enemies come in waves and title screens?

I FEEL LIKE I NEED SOME COOL STUFF TO ADD TO MY GAME. I know you can make title screens and enemies come in waves, but HOW? I found this website that has all these cool games like CubeShooter Arcade and other ones. The website is called

I would be pleased if I got good answers. I'm pretty new to Unity, so Please Help. I want to be like the EXTREMELY GOOD PEOPLE...

Because I Like Having fun on this.

You have to learn to program. Read the documentation, do some tutorials, rinse & repeat until you have sufficient knowledge. Then it's pretty easy.

To be more particular, the question you have asked is impossible to actually answer, since there are an infinite number of ways to do those things, which vary depending on what effect exactly you want. If there's anything specific that you need help with, then feel free to ask, and provide code that you're using.