How do i make character eyes blink after some seconds have passed? (on 2D sprite)

I’m trying to make my character blink randomly after 4-10 seconds. for the eyes(i set it as a child object, under the main character body sprite), i made in the animator two states: one idle eye state and another that has the closing eyes animation, my question here is how do i make it so the transition condition between “idle eye” and “closing eye” is like “do this after 4-10 seconds”
i thought that i could do this using a script, but i don’t exactly know how… i’m new to unity and have little coding experience (in C#). if there’s a better way of doing this, please tell.

an idea of how i want it:

idle eye → (after 4-10 random chosen seconds) → do the closing eye animation → back to idle eye → (loop)

here’s how my animator looks to get a better idea:

// Random eye blinker script
public float blinkEyeRate ;

        private float previousBlinkEyeRate ;
        private float  blinkEyeTime ;
         void Update() 
       if(Time.time >  blinkEyeTime)
                  previousBlinkEyeRate = blinkEyeRate ;
                  blinkEyeTime = Time.time + blinkEyeRate ;
 //set a trigger named "blink" in ur animator window and then set that trigger the arrow connectiing eyeIdle to eyeBlink               
                _animator.SetTrigger("blink") ;    
                while(previousBlinkEyeRate = blinkEyeRate )
 // Random Rate from 4 secs to 10secs
                           blinkEyeRate = Random.Range(4f , 10f ) ;
        }//and there u get