How do I make cinemachine 1 camera position get cinemachine 2 camera position?

I use two cinemachine cameras, one linked to the character (third person controller) and another linked to the vehicle (Universal Vehicle Controller), Naturally the Vehicle Asset does not come and with the cinemachine however, I put the chinemachine virtual camera and made a Combinations of cameras. By then I had reached my object, however, I noticed that this transition bugs in certain positions. When I am with the character and I enter the vehicle, the camera transaction is done from its last position to the last position of the vehicle’s camera. Now I want that always when entering the vehicle, the character’s camera position is equal to the last camera position of the vehicle and also vice versa, when exiting, I want the character’s camera position to be the last camera position of the vehicle! I don’t know if you guys understand what I want to do, but so far I haven’t been able to do this feat!

What do you mean by “linked to”? Did you use the cinemachine’s follow target behavior or simply parented it?

If you use both cameras with follow behavior on each target, simply increasing and decreasing the camera priorities should smoothly transition between two cameras.