How do i make it completly dark in unity 5?

So for a simple 2D game i making i need it to be completely pitch black, while their is no light source, e.g a torch. So how would i make the scene completely black, when in play mode you cant see anything, just a black screen.

Yes i have seen the many threads out their, but most are outdated (unity 4) or just do not work for me, please help.

P.S Is it possible for it only to be dark in play mode not in scene mode.

Thnx Stratmos

Window → Lighting → set Ambient Intensity to 0

You could create a UI panel which is completely black and set it to a layer above the rest of the game. Then you can use SetActive(true/false) whenever you want to enable/disable it.

for 2d game make an array of all the sprite in the scene and set there colour to black
if you want to set fed in and fed out effect the you can change alpha to zero and maincamera colour to black . hope this is easiest way and will work out