How do I make it where it only rotates on the Z axis

I’m trying to make it where an object randomly rotates on its Z axis in a 2D game I’m making. Here’s the code I used.

transform.localRotation = Random.rotation;

How do I make it where it rotates only on the Z axis?

Not fully sure if you mean to rotate the local, or mean to rotate the global? But either way:

transform.Rotate(0, 0, speed);

is the easy way to rotate something on just that axis. In that example speed is set within the Z of the Euler, and just set that float to however fast or slow you want it to be.

However, you mentioned it’s a 2D game, so there is no Z axis, only X and Y. So in that case it’s just (0, speed), if Y is the correct axis, might actually be the X?

But if you want to setup kinda the way you have, just declare a Vector2 that’s called randomVector or whatever, then use a random number in the appropriate axis:

Vector2 randomVector;

float random = Random.Range(1, 10);
randomVector = new Vector2(0, random);

basically, but that would only set the new rotation, not rotate it. To do it that way you would need to Lerp and possibly use Quaternions.