How do I make Line-of-Sight with a Fake Isometric Camera

I have some sprites that look like they are isometric, but I’m still using the 2D engine. The way I’m making the sprites collide correctly is that they have a box collider only over their feet. This means that the sprite’s head is sometimes technically inside a wall. I am trying to use line-of-sight to determine if an enemy can see the player in order to chase him. I have been doing line-of-sight raycasts from the center of the hitbox in the feet, because that will definitely not be in a wall. However, this creates some situations in which the enemy looks like they should be able to see the player, but can’t because there is an obstacle in the way of the feet. There are also occasionally situations where the enemy doesn’t really look like it should see the player, but can. Is there any good way to fix this, or do a fake isometric camera in a better way. I don’t want to make 3D models for my characters.

Best way? Best way is to do a real Isometric game.
But if you dont want, maybe you shoud do multiple raycast to detect more things, and decide if “can see the enemy” with all the information.

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