how do i make multiple rigidbody objects into a single rigidbody object?

for the project i am currently working on i was going to add a flashlight that the player can pickup/turn on and off. i used two spheres a cube and a directional light to make up all the components but when i dropped them all into my “flashlight” empty object folder in the hierarchy and tried to see if it would drop and stay a piece, the objects that made up the flashlight fell apart when and went all over the place.

so my question is this: how can i make it so the pieces that make up the flashlight can be “glued” together and stay that way when the flashlight is getting tossed around (including the directional light)?

Make an empty GameObject, put them inside that. Put a rigidbody on the GameObject you created. Remove the Rigidbody components from the parts. The empty object will use the colliders of its children to form itself.