How do I make my character "throw" and "catch" an object?

In my game, I have the player - and hopefully with some learning - other players throw and catch an object to each other. I am familiar with the basics (and a bit more) of javascript, but am only somewhat fluent in unityscript. Please leave code in unityscript as it is the most similar to what I am knowledgeable of.

P.S. This is in Unity 2D so I need code (If that is what you are providing) that is compatible in unity 2D.

Thanks in advance.

You throw using AddForce, you catch using a trigger box placed in front of the character and when the object enters the trigger, you parent it to the character at the hand position or wherever you want it to be.

While throwing you also unparent since the object was properly attached to the thrower.

The terms I am using should get you on the path of Google, search parent, AddForce and you will have fully working example available.