How do I make my flashlight follow the camera when moving?

How can i get my flashlight to slowly follow my camera like this:

Look at the way the flashlight follows the player AFTER moving. Thanks!
(You don’t have to give me a script but just try to tell me what i need to do in as much detail as possible)

I have to lol. I just posted an answer a couple of minutes ago and took a look at your question next. He was asking for something different, but as it turns out I believe the same script (without changes) will work for you too. If the light needs to be in front of the camera instead of at the camera position, follow the instructions for using an empty game object.

Use vector3.lerp or have you tried with parenting the Flashlight to the player?
Vector3.lerp with respect to the position of the player for a smooth follow type things.

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