How do I make my game fullscreen

I know this is weak, but I want to know how to make my full screen (And maybe scene screen too) full screen?

To set a standalone player to be full screen, go to Edit>Project Settings>Player and under the Resolution and Presentation heading, check `Default is Full Screen`.

To change resolution to full-screen at run-time, you would just use `[Screen.fullScreen][1] = true;`.

if by fullscreen u mean ‘borderless fullscreen’…

by default… u cant…

there do exist assets in the asset store that makes it able to have fullscreen windows in unity. just search for ‘fullscreen’ inside the asset store, there should be 2 popping up on the first page. i have the cheaper one and it works good. check for yourself if u need the other one or not.

p.s. if anyone figures out how it works let me know i would love to add this to my own plugin

You should check the Maximize On Play button on Game view.