How do I make my particle system directional?

I am making a 2D isometric game for a game design class. The premise of the game is that the main character will attack enemies with a string of music notes. I am currently using a particle system and cannot figure out how to make the direction of the particles change according to the direction my character is facing. The particle system is triggered by pressing the mouse button down and that is working fine, it just stays shooting in the same direction regardless of which way my character is facing. How do I change this?

  1. Gameobject with particle system (PS) component needs to be a child of the character.
  2. Set the PS simulation space to World (not local). (the particles once ejected no longer follow character direction)
  3. Adjust the shape of PS emission (shape tab) - you probably want cone (default is sphere which is all directions)
  4. Adjust the direction of the particle system if necessary by altering the position/rotation (again under the shape tab)