How do I make my Projectile rotate towards its direction?

Beginner here, for learning purposes I made a Turret that instantiates a Capsule Rigid Body in front of it and adds Force. My problem is that the Capsule that I shoot doesnt rotate in mid air.

Imagine shooting an Arrow with a Bow slightly upwards, you expect the arrowhead to point upwards at first and slowly rotate downwards and its head hits the ground first.

How do I make my Capsule Rigid Body Projectile face towards the direction it is going?

So I instantiate my Bullet like this:

void Update ()
			Rigidbody BulletInstance;
			BulletInstance = Instantiate(Bullet, MuzzlePoint.position, Muzzle.rotation) as Rigidbody;
			BulletInstance.AddForce(MuzzlePoint.forward * speed);

And I hoped I could just add a Script to the Bullet Prefab that could say something like:
“The Rotation of the Bullet’s X axis = Direction the Bullet is flying towards” and put this in a fixedUpdate function.