How do i make my title text move up and down?,How to i make text move up and down?

Basically, I would like to make the text of my title screen move slightly up and down constantly. Thanks!,Basically, I would want my title text of the start scene in my game to move slightly up and down like those action pixel games with the big titles that move. Thanks!


You can animate text objects the same way that you animate other game objects in Unity. From what you described it sounds like you just need a single animation loop.

So, just select your game object, create a new animation clip for it and add the Rect Transform > Anchored Position Property (Transform > Position if it’s not a UI object). Add values for the Y pos, and just make sure that the start and end values of your animation are the same. By default the animation will be set to loop.

If you haven’t already seen it, I also recommend looking at the Animation tutorial section here: Unity Connect

Hope that helps!