How do I make realistic ragdoll physics?

Hi everyone, I just wanna ask if there is a way I can make my ragdoll physics more realistic in any way? The current ragdoll physics that I have are so unrealistic and it stays in the air for an amount of unrealistic time. Is there anyway I can make it fall faster and harder? Like real ragdoll? Like they do in every other game with Physics, like GTA IV, Halo 3, Modern Warfare 2, etc. I'd love to have proper ragdoll physics.

Thanks in consideration.

As you can read in the rigidbody docs, if objects are not behaving how you expect, then you probably have the scale wrong. It might also be that the drag is too high.

Thanks a lot.

Realistic ragdolls depend on a wide variety of factors.
Most important one is certainly collision detection.

For example, in the physics preferences in the editor menu, there’s a parameter called ‘minimum penalty’ which determines how far will two colliders intersect before the physics engine sees that they’re intersecting.

Usually reducing this value will give more precise collisions, but this usually increases jitter (vibration) as a side effect.

The best call for a realistic ragdoll is to create joints with appropriate dampening values, and rigidbodies with proper size and weight.

Another very important factor is that you need to absolutely avoid intersection between colliders. If you have two overlapping colliders in a non-linear ragdoll extension, these will repel eachother, causing weird behavior.