How do I make retargeted Humanoid Animations match in world space?

Hello, I’ve posted my issue in the forums but gotten no help, figured I’d post here as well.

Gif of the problem: slide hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

I’m having problems with Humanoid animation retargeting. I have an animation of a character going up a ladder and then down a slide. Translation in all axes is baked into the animation in the clip’s animation properties. The animation (done in maya) works perfectly on the mid-sized character but does not work once animation is retargeted to different sized characters.

Shorter characters do not translate the same amount so their animations do not fit the proportions of the slide correctly, see gif: slide hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

How do I correct this so that the characters all move the same amount in world space? I’ve even tried changing all the character rigs to “generic” which works in moving them the same amount in world space, but then there are a bunch of other issues, shorter characters feet don’t touch the ground etc. Can anybody provide any light, or even say, “You can’t do that, you’re crazy!” so I can attempt a workaround?


I think the best workaround is to create unique ladder climbing animations for each ‘size’ character.
Although Im an animator so I default to what I know when solving issues, there might be a better optional specific setup to get this working like you need.

Thank you for the reply theANIMATOR2b. Unfortunately, there’s going to be 25 different sized monsters and probably 75-100 of these animations. reworking each animation 25 times and then managing them all in gamel makes my head hurt just thinking about it. :wink:

I’m considering having a parent game object with it’s own animator controller that has world space translation applied, and then removing all world space animation from the character. These two animations would need to fire perfectly in sync for this to work though.

Before overhauling this thing though, hoping for a “flip this switch” solution.