How do I make scenes load late on unity3d

I am playing animation. What is going on is the script is trying to switch scene when health reach zero . I need to scene to switch like twenty seconds later so my animation play way through. The scene is switch on the ModifyHealth function Health. Here is my script :

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;

public class Healthbar :  MonoBehaviour {

    /// <summary>
    /// Play a death animation or enable the ragdoll when the character dies.

	/// </summary>

    public int fontSize;

    public static int playersHealth;

    public  int health;
    int healthNormalized;
    GameObject player;

    Image frame;
    Image bar;

    public int displayCritical;
    public int displayRedBar;
    public int displayYellowBar;
    public string healthMessage;
    public string criticalMessage = "Critical";
    public string playerTag;

    Text Message;
    Text Critical;

    public bool showHealthValue;
    public bool showCritical;

    public string sceneToLoad = "T";

    SpriteDatabase sd;

    public Theme chosenTheme;
    public FontNames chosenFont;

    int myTheme;
    int myFontTheme;

    public enum Positioning {

    public bool alive = true;

    //For demo purposes, store player's initial transform (so later it can be respawned there)
    Vector3 startPos;

    //used to choose between left or right alignment
    public Positioning positioning;

    //On Start, assign SpriteDatabse class to 'sd'. (Note: That class can never be missing due to the dependency system)
    //It then runs Debugger() (find it below.) It checks whether the required sprites are assigned in the inspector, etc.
    //Then, it builds hierarchy for GUI (find below)
    void Start(){
        sd = GetComponent<SpriteDatabase>();
        fontSize = Mathf.Clamp(fontSize, 5, 30);
        startPos = player.transform.position;

    //Converts health integer to float value and updates it every frame.
    //Keeps the GUI bar (image) fill amount value synchronized with the health value.
    //Note: healthNormalized cuts the number so that it's on a 100 scale like in every game (it's basically the percentage)
    void FixedUpdate(){

        if (player) {
            if (alive) {
                if (healthNormalized <= 0) {
                    alive = false;
                healthNormalized = health/10;
                //Converts health value to a float (range 0-1) so it can be used for image.fillamount
                float healthValue = health * 0.001f;
                healthValue = Mathf.Clamp(healthValue, 0, 1);

                //Checks if it's time to turn the bar color to red or yellow (replace the sprite basically)

                bar.fillAmount = healthValue;


            player = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Player");

    void DisplayText(){
        if (showHealthValue)
            Message.text = healthMessage + ": " + healthNormalized.ToString();
        if (healthNormalized <= displayCritical && alive && showCritical) {
            Critical.enabled = true;
            Critical.enabled = false;

    //Called by every object affecting player's health.
    //Class that calls it: ApplyDamage
    //See that for more info on how to use it!
    public void ModifyHealth(int amount) {

		if (alive)
            health = health - amount;

        if  (health <= 0) {

		    Debug.Log("1: sceneToLoad = " + sceneToLoad);
			if  ((sceneToLoad != "") && (SceneManager.GetSceneByName(sceneToLoad) != null)) {
                Debug.Log("2: sceneToLoad = " + sceneToLoad);

        else {
            health = Mathf.Clamp(health, 0, 1000);
void loadNewScene()
	//Modify this to change the way of dieing (this just for the demo scene (respawn player at starting location after 2 seconds)
	//Find IENumerator at the very bottom of the code.
	void die(){

	//Changes bar color depending on what values are set in the inspector
	void CheckForBarColor(){
		if (healthNormalized > displayYellowBar)
			bar.sprite = sd.sprites[myTheme].GreenBar;
		else if (healthNormalized > displayRedBar)
			bar.sprite = sd.sprites[myTheme].YellowBar;
			bar.sprite = sd.sprites[myTheme].RedBar;

Couldn’t you just use another Coroutine?

    Play Animation Code
    IEnumerator LoadSceneLater(int seconds) 
             yield return new WaitForSeconds(seconds);