How do I make some of my assets into a .unityPackage?

I need to take some of my assets/projects and convert them into a package or something so it can be on that list when you create a project. My goal is to make one of all teh assets I've gathered from varrious places adn put it there so I can load the standard assets pack too.

I understand this will take longer to load the project but I think it woudl be worth the wait :)


P.S. Can I import files that I made with Bryce into unity?

To do that you select the files you want to export and then you right click on them and choose "Export as UnityPackage", when the file is exported you place the file inside a folder named "default packages" which exists in the Unity program folder, then the package will show up when you want to create a new project.

I don't know about the Bryce thing though.

The easiest way to test if Unity can import your Bryce file is to copy-paste your Bryce file in the Assets folder in one of your projects. Open that project in Unity and check the Assets folder in the Project Panel. If your Bryce file is there and it has a blue cube in front of its name then Unity imported it and you can use it. If it's not there or if it's there but when you click on its name all you can see in the inspector is the name "Default Asset", Unity can't import it. This is true for any other kind of file containing assets (3D models, sounds, textures, etc.).

The Stone's explanation about your package question is very good and straightforward.

The FBX converter converts 3d models, but I dont know if Bryce is supported

and scroll down to fbx converter

DAZ actually made their own FBX converter. I know it works in DAZ Studio. I can’t imagine it not working for Bryce or Hexagon as well. It comes as part of their Game Development Toolkit (Texture Atlas, Decimator, FBX Exporter) or solo.