How do I make sure all C# system system files are gone when I build.

I’m a noob. I followed Brackey’s Make A Game tutorials which are in Javascript.

I needed to make a movie play and pause the game. I found Youtube videos on these in C#. Thus I had a bunch of Javascript files and 2 C# files.

When I built the game, it was huge (half a GB). To shrink the size, I thought to ditch the C# files and the system files that support them. I realize C# is better but since I’m a noob, I’d rather rewrite 2 scripts than a ton.

I now don’t have any C# files. When I build, I’m still at about a half a GB.

How do I ditch all the C# system files that supported my old scripts that aren’t there anymore?

I know that script sizes are small. That’s why I was talking about the system files that support them. Since I’m a noob, maybe I’m calling those files that support the languages the wrong name. If they aren’t “system files” than I’m not sure what to call them.
I was just wondering if Unity has a lot of files to support Javascript and C#. And in my situation, since I once had both script types, I was worried that I still had the “system files” that supported both and maybe that was one of the reason why my game is so large.
I wasn’t sure if by getting rid of the C# scripts, if Unity automatically doesn’t include any more C# system files.

In terms of what’s currently taking up a lot of space: it’s files like the following:
03/27/2016 04:17 AM 101,362,360 sharedassets10.assets.resS
03/27/2016 04:17 AM 100,663,296 sharedassets6.assets.resS
03/27/2016 04:17 AM 58,159,708 sharedassets0.assets
03/27/2016 04:17 AM 25,307,184 sharedassets13.assets
03/27/2016 04:17 AM 25,267,032 sharedassets3.assets

Do these only include “shared assets” or is there any Unity overhead in there as well?

Thanks for looking into this. Sorry that I’m not using the correct terminology.