how do i make the camera move forward with the w key and look in the direction of the mouse

i am making a 1st person game and i cant figure out how to make the camera move.
i really have no idea how to code so yeah.

Take a look at the standard unity assets, “First Person Controller” is great for figuring out how you should write your own camera/movement/whatever.

Without basic knowledge of coding you will not get too far, do tutorials, check the unity examples, and don’t try to make an fps if you can’t even move the camera yet. Do a pong, a wallbraker, a platformer, stuff like that. Everyone wants to create a great, huge game, but there is a learning curve, sadly no one has made a great game first. Or second. Or third. Or 64th.

Choose a language, do the basic stuff(hello world,etc), and THEN start learning Unity, you will be far more successfull that way.

if you don’t know how to code you will have a very hard time but anyways you need something like this:

var MyCamera : GameObject;
var sensitivity : float; 

function Start(){
   MyCamera = GameObject.Find("MainCamera");
   //or you can assign it in the editor

function Update(){
      MyCamera.transform.Translate(Vector3.forward * sensitivity)
   if(Input.mousePosition.x != Screen.width/2f || Input.mousePosition.y != Screen.height/2f){
      MyCamera.transform.Rotate(Input.mousePosition.y * sensitivity,Input.mousePosition.x * sensitivity,0,Space.World);


you can set the sensitivity on each variable if you swap sensitivity with another variable

on the other hand you might want to check out the Standard Assets’ FPS character controller by unity which can save you a lot of trouble