How do I make the meshes show up as dark as the scene if there is no light?

I’m working on a game where the light cast by spotlights will be the only light source within the game, however I’m noticing that when I remove all lights from the game, I can still see the meshes in-game. They’re lacking detail, but they still exist.

How do I make the whole seen as dark as a backalley from a gritty noir film? Think of something like Alan Wake. I have a feeling it has something to do with the mesh shaders, but I’m rather green to lighting.

Any help is appreciated.

Change the shader of the mesh to ones that are effected by light. Ones like defuse, vertexlit, and specular will work. Then you can alter their color to make them appear more shaded.

Let me see, you want the world to be completely unlit (or rather; dark)?

A couple ways to achieve this:

  • Set up a directional light with color pitch black (0,0,0,255) and then have all point lights radiate a conventional light color such as the standard white. Effectively this makes every object black but ‘visible’ and lights them up when near a point light.

  • Activate fog under render settings (once again, put the color slider on pitch black), tweak the settings so that after the desired range the density will be high enough to black out everything. This blacks out everything beyond a certain distance from the camera, but leaves the objects before this point barely touched.

If I’m reading the question right, you need to set your ambient light to zero in the render settings.