How do i make the sky box a solid color or make fog affect it...

I’m trying to make a dense, all encompassing red fog. I seem to only have two options for background fog: the default sky box and flat grey. I’m trying to apply color to no avail. Theoretically, I think I could make a new skybox material with a flat color, but that’s a lot of work if I plan on changing it frequently…

Is there a simple way to either have the fog affect the default sky box or replace the flat grey with an actual color?

Example flat grey:

Goal something like this all encompassing orange fog:

For a solid color, go to your camera and set the “clear flag” to solid color, and then select the red color you want in background property of the camera. This isn’t going to be as nice as the example provided though.

For that example, you are also going to need a custom shader. I am not sure how to write something like that out of the box though.