How do I make Unity to print accentuated letters?

For example: , , , , , ,

To console and on TextMesh when changing it from a script.

TextMesh accepts and writes these chars in the Inspector with a "ttf" font but skips them when I change the .text property of it from script. Also couldn't "print" these letters to Console.

In your text editor (Unitron?), make sure the text encoding is set to Unicode. alt text

Huh, I've got it. In UniSciTE (default Unity script editor on Win) choose File->Encoding->UTF-8.

If you do this on a script that already includes these characters it will freeze on the second script file! So save your works before doing this! After you're done and not freezed to death, you'll have to rewrite those characters in the script because they'll be replaced with special little image thingies.