How do I modify models for lower draw calls?

Hi! I have a bit of a problem with draw calls.

Right now I had a level model which gave me 260 draw calls (batched about 220). I wanted to lower the amount of draw calls by modifing the level so I did that by removing all unnecessary stuff like inner geometry. After modifing, I’ve reimported the model and to my surprise the draw calls got even higher to 280!

So now I’m confused, how exactly can I modify my models to make the game do less draw calls?

As a reference, here’s my current level model. It’s very simple:
alt text

Simplifying a geometry doesn’t reduce draw calls.
Draw calls are principally determined by:

  • the number of objects in your scene that move independently of each other
  • the number of different materials used in your scene
  • the complexity of the shader(s) assigned to materials in your scene

Static objects that share the same material can be batched - drawn in a single draw call, but this in unrelated to the complexity of the objects’ meshes.

This might come in handy for someone in the future… I had a problem like this recently. My scene’s Batching was too high and I found that I needed to actually match the meshes in my scene, instead of just relying on Static Batching… Fortunately I found a plugin that allowed me to combine the meshes in my scene and reduce the amount of meshes in the scene. The amount of Batching was also reduced to just a few dozen and that tripled my game performance. Maybe this will help someone, here is the link to the plugin: Easy Mesh Combiner MT - Scene Mesh Merge, Atlasing Support & More | Game Toolkits | Unity Asset Store