How Do I Move A Ghost On Trigger

Hi I Am Making A Game Called House (Horror Game Similar To Paranormal) And All I Want To Do Is Make My Ghost Fly Across The Screen (Not An Animation, Im Using The Constant Force.) On Trigger Please Help I Am New To Unity

If you are a beginner, then first put CharacterController on thi Ghost.
After that just use this script: (JS)

//script Move.js
var movePos : Vector3;
var controller : CharcterController;

function Update () {
  controller.move (movePos * Time.deltaTime);

and put another script with GetComponent

var script : Move;
function Start () {
  Move = GetComponent(Move);
  Move.enabled = false;
function OnTriggerEnter (other:Collider) {
  if (Collider.tag == "something") {
    Move.enabled = true;