How do I move a Prefab toward a freshly spawned Prefab?

I currently have two Prefabs spawning on Mouse click. One is a target, and the other is a bomb that I want to move toward that target. The target spawns wherever the mouse was clicked, and the bomb spawns at the bottom of the screen.

Here’s my code:

#pragma strict
	var sniperTarget : Transform;
	var bombStache : Transform;
	var isSnipe = false;

function Start () {

function Update () {

if(isSnipe === false){


		isSnipe = true;
		var mousex = Input.mousePosition.x;
		var mousey = Input.mousePosition.y;
		var cloneTarget : Transform;
		cloneTarget = Instantiate(sniperTarget, Camera.main.ScreenToWorldPoint(new Vector3(Input.mousePosition.x, Input.mousePosition.y, 1)), Quaternion.identity);
		var cloneStache : Transform;
		cloneStache = Instantiate(bombStache, transform.position - ( transform.up * 4.6), Quaternion.identity);


I understand I will need to create a new script and attach it to my bomb, but what code do I add to that script to make the bomb move toward the sniper target that was just spawned?

I think MoveTowards is exactly what you’re looking for.

// The target marker.
var target: Transform;

// Speed in units per sec.
var speed: float;

function Update () {
	// The step size is equal to speed times frame time.
	var step = speed * Time.deltaTime;
	// Move our position a step closer to the target.
	transform.position = Vector3.MoveTowards(transform.position, target.position, step);