How do I move an object from A to B, then another object from A to C?

I have absolutely no idea what the code would look like for something like this. I’m just making a simple scene animation for a theatrical production. I want to be able to press Space, have a fireball come down and hit a building. Press space again, another fireball comes down and hits another building.

These objects are already in the scene, and they are “moving” where they are (they look like fire…it’s a particle system)

Additionally, once Fireball1 reaches the destination, I want Fire1 to start playing and keep playing (it’s fire on the building), and once Fireball2 reaches the destination, Fire2 and Fire3 should start playing, and keep playing until the application closes.

For reference, here’s a screenshot of the buildings on fire. The fireballs will be coming from the right and moving to the left.

Then just for your knowledge for any needed variable names, here’s again what everything is called:

The two objects that need to move:

The three fires that need to start once the Fireball animation is done:

Any language is fine, although I’m most familiar with C#

Please help :slight_smile: I’m pretty much stuck here…and I think I’m pretty damn close!

You might look into a tweening library. Personally, I’m a fan of iTween, but there are others, including HOTween, GoKit, and so on.

In general, these libraries will allow you to set up objects to translate, rotate, scale, or otherwise transition from one state to another, over a configurable period of time. Some of them can even manage volume, color, and so on. Most of them allow you to “chain” events, so that one action completion leads to a function call (where you can queue up more actions).