How do I move frame by frame

I’m sorry for my bad english , I want to move to the picture attached

How do I move frame by frame?

The simplest way is to make the object move by a certain coordinate value upon each instance of movement, the value depending on how large frames are. You would just have to make sure to have the object check for walls around it, or otherwise it would bump into a wall and become offset from the grid.

Move frame by frame? I guess you mean move square by square…

If so just move your object by the width of your squares.

For example:

public void moveObject() {
		float squareWidth;
		transform.Translate (squareWidth, 0, 0);

This would move the object 1 square to the right when you call the method.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I guess I have to use to turn on raycast