How do I move object buy button based on the rotation?

i have made a game where the player rorotae in freeze posotins
i need to move it by button press yet i can’t found any script that work

i can simplay make speed=0 and make button to incress it but i want to add movement Animations

so how do i make the player move in the dirctions hes facing by press of a button?
(he can rotate 360 degree)

You could try this:

float speed;
public float increasePerClick;

void Update()
     transform.position += transform.forward * speed * Time.deltaTime; // move based on speed and rotation

     if (speed > 0) // If is moving
          // Movement Animations

public void ChangeSpeed()
     speed += increasePerClick;

And Link the button to the ChangeSpeed Method.

Depending on whether you use transform.position or Character Controller you should change between transform.position += and CharacterController.Move().
Hope I could help!