How do I move projects from unity personal edition to unity pro?

I am a newbie to unity. I have been working on unity personal edition for a while. I want to update to unity pro edition. What happens to my existing projects ? How can I access the same in unity pro?


The process is the same as with any new install of Unity:

  1. Read all of the patch notes and upgrade guides for every version between yours and the new version. Take note of how it might affect your project.
  2. Back up your project. I recommend using a source control solution and creating a new branch, but you can just make a copy of it if nothing else.
  3. Decide if you want to keep an old version of unity or just install over the current version (you can re download a previous version if necessary, so whichever is more convenient for you). To keep the old version, just install the new one to a new location.
  4. Open a copy of your project in your new version of Unity and take note of any warnings or errors. This step may modify your assets or code.
  5. Save your new branch of the project.
  6. Assess the damage and fix any new problems you find. If you’re moving from version to version within the same major edition, there may not be problems. If you’re going from, say, Unity 4 to Unity 5, you might have a lot of problems to address.
  7. Experiment with all the new features.