How do I move stacked rigidbody objects using the object on bottom? Vive or Occulus

I have a Vive experience where a player must stack boxes on top of each other to make a large cube. Sometimes, they will need to pick up a stack of 3 or 4 boxes and move them together.

I can get the objects to stack and if I pick up the bottom box, they will all lift up in the air. But as I move the bottom box in the X/Y axis, the top boxes stay put and the bottom box slides out from underneath. What am I missing here?



Are you using physics material? Sounds like you’re missing friction.

Thank you for the suggestion! I wish that was the issue. I do have a physics material applied to all colliders, but even with the friction set to 1, there is no change. Friction only seems to affect the movement of an object that is dropped or in motion as it collides with another object. But once the objects are resting on each other, it no longer applies.

Any other thoughts?