How do I move the camera dependent on the players position

I’m using iTween to move the camera but it’s alright if you use the inbuilt commands. At the moment, I have a grid of 10x10x10 “sections” of my map and I need to detect when the player is in one of them and then move the camera to the center of that section. How can I do this? It also needs to only work when the player is COMPLETELY inside that section so there is no weird overlap.

Well, it depends on how you implement your navigation system (how your player moves within the grid). You can use a “center position” system in which you store the position of each grid section center and use it to check the distance with the player to see where the player is located. That may require to have an array of “possible sections” to avoid checking the distance with all sections, since you only want to check the sections the player is allowed to be in (sections that are next to the current section of the player).