How do i move the mouse cursor with the right analog stick?

How can i USE my joystick to select buttons on gui pause menu, because i have to use my mouse all the time but i only want to use my joystick to do erverything in game.

anyone find a solution to this? i'm not sure how to select gui buttons with the joystick.

Hi there. This isn't the perfect solutions as research online suggests that it currently isn't possible to select UnityGUI buttons with anything other than a mouse click... but...!

Maybe this'll suffice? I'm not a programmer (just joined this site today), but I figure this should allow you to

USE my joystick to select buttons on gui pause menu

Best of luck - and take a look at my question, see if you get any ideas...! =)

AngryOldMan is spot on. I downloaded Xpadder and it works perfectly. Basically lets you emulate mouse movement and keyboard input with any joystick even a 360 controller or whatever you want to use. So you might have to fiddle with your Input settings in Unity but when you get the sticks and buttons assigned the way you want it works perfectly.

use 3rd party software or software that came with your joystick to map your joysticks control layout to use the mouse, you do this outside of unity.