How do I open Prefab with Blender?

My Google skills have failed me on this one. I keep ending up with instructions on importing INTO Unity from Blender. I want to go the opposite direction.

When I started my project I created my prefabs by duplicating an existing prefab and then scaling/rotating in Unity as needed.

Now, I have used Blender to create an object and have imported it into Unity and I would like to use Blender to make all my prefabs going forward.

The problem is that I would like to somehow export all of my Unity-made prefabs to Blender so I don’t have to start over from scratch.

Is it possible to open Unity prefabs in Blender and, if so, how do I do it?

Thanks in advance!

The only solution I’ve ever seen for this kind issue is the Obj Exporter in the Wiki.

Note these scripts only get the mesh.

You might also look in the asset store.