How do I optimize loads of quads generated as a Tile map for my procedurally generated tileSet?

So I tried to combine them into a mesh using CombineInstance combine1 = new CombineInstance[capacidad]; but it will give me the error that the mesh has too many vertices, as I have 60000 quads. I tried to combine it in several meshes but then I keep getting index errors any easy way of doing this?
now my fps are ok but as soon as I zoom out a bit with my camera the amount of batches get to around 1000
thank you for you help!
edit: ok Im going to try to create an array of textures pack them and the aply them to a plane , but unity freezes…
Texture2D texturasCombinadas=new Texture2D(2410,2410);
Rectrectangulos = texturasCombinadas.PackTextures (texturasPlaneta, 0, 2410);
planoParaTexturas.GetComponent ().material.mainTexture = texturasCombinadas;

Ok I found the solution, using sprite packer reduced the batches to three…