How do I override the inspector's placement of a GUITexture?

I have a life bar that I'm using in my game that changes the image used based on the life total. I've set it up as a GUITexture created through the Game Object menu and then added a script to the GUITexture that changes the image used. Example:

if (staticGUI.P1life >= 15) {
      guiTexture.texture = life15tex;

However, the X&Y placement options available in the Inspector for the GUITexture don't allow for the placement to be dynamic (relative to the edges of the screen) and change with different play resolutions. Is there a way to override the Inspector values with my own values (ie. Screen.width - 210,Screen.height - 300 ) so that they're relative as opposed to fixed?

There are two ways to place GUITextures. One is using viewport space (where x and y coordinates range from 0 to 1), where the x and y scale of the GUITexture is greater than 0, and the pixel inset values are all 0. This will make the GUITexture automatically scale to the same relative size and position on any size display, where an x and y position of (.5, .5) is in the middle, (0, 0) is bottom-left, and (1, 1) is top-right. A scale of (.1, .2) would mean the texture takes up 10% of the screen width and 20% of the screen height.

If you leave the x/y scale at 0, and set the x and y position to 0, and set the x and y pixel inset to 0 and the pixel inset width and height to the size of the texture, then the GUITexture will be pixel-exact, sitting in the lower-left corner of the display. Adding values to the x or y pixel inset will move it that many pixels over and up, so (50, 20) will be 50 pixels over and 20 pixels up. You can use Screen.width and Screen.height here to scale the number of pixels relative to the screen dimensions.

i think there is no way to set the x,y of GuiTexture with values you want. why don't you use GUI.DrawTexture? it allows you to change it's position in your scripts and in the way that you want. simple set the correct values in the rect class for the first argument.