How do I pass an Texture2D from one function to another?

I’m trying to make this line work:

renderer.material.SetTexture(“_MainTex”, animmgr.CircusWalkRight());

animmgr.CircusWalkRight() simply returns a Texture2D - an image of Chun-Li

animmgr is a separate script which has not been tied to any object.

But for some reason, the texture is blank and white.

I get the feeling that i’m just sending a pointer or something.
How do I send the texture properly?

Drag this onto a game object, and select a texture in the inspector for swapTexture. When you start up the game, just click the mouse and you will see the texture swap.

public var swapTexture : Texture2D;

function Update () 
	if ( Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0) )
		renderer.material.SetTexture("_MainTex", Swap());

function Swap() : Texture2D
	return swapTexture;