How do I pass serialized ScriptableObjects between Unity projects?

I have two Unity projects, one that creates asset bundles, and another that consumes them. The problem is that I need to pass a TOC object (a list of other asset bundles and their contents) as well. Obviously, I pack it into a separate asset bundle and store that at a predetermined (hardcoded) location. But whe I get this asset bundle in another project, the main asset is null. The precise reason is not that hard to deduce: it seems that the ScriptableObject identifies itself for serialization with some kind of internal ID, and these IDs are not the same in the two projects.

So the question is: Is there a way to explicitly specify an association between the two classes in the two projects, so that I am able to pass the data in the aforementioned way, or do I have to write my own serialization (or replacement thereof)?

Have you considered doing a bypass? Try blocking the automated process of serialization by a conversion into any container or datatype that you can fit everything in, or by slushing it through the unity engine library , but a whole other story.

As far as bad idea's go I'm afraid you will be stuck with self made serialization. It's a lot of work but it's better than nothing. Sorry I can't supply you with much more, my knowledge on this is limited

Old old post btw, any news ? Did you get it working? If so, what did you do ?

Do they need to be two projects? Serialization is just the first wall you're going to run up against because the asset bundles are going to depend on undefined GUIDs.