How do I perform an unattended, uninstallition of the Unity Web Player via the command-line?

I need to create an uninstall string for an SCCM application of Unity Web Player. I’ll be installing it with the following switch: /AllUsers so it’s installed into the Program Files folder.

I ran a Procmon to watch for the process information, and it calls the following command-line:

“C:\Program Files\Unity\WebPlayer\Uninstall.exe” /AllUsers

I’ve attempted this, however it brings me to a wizard for removal.

You can try /S option which allows silent install. I’ve just tested it for uninstall and it works too. You need administrative rights though, but I assume you already know this, because you need them when installing as well…

Here was the Procmon process:

“C:\Program Files\Unity\WebPlayer\Uninstall.exe” /AllUsers

I added the “/Q” and it uninstalls silently and unattended!

For anyone trying to uninstall this unattended here is the correct command-line, assuming you installed it with the /Allusers switch:
“C:\Program Files\Unity\WebPlayer\Uninstall.exe” /AllUsers /Q

Thank you for the help, greatly appreciated!