How do I properly apply a transparent texture to a mesh?

I have imported a mesh from Blender. The geometry and UV mapping have transferred over just fine, but as I was setting up the materials in Unity I have run into a problem. I want to apply a transparent image texture to the mesh (face to head). The problem is the gray boxy artifacts which you can see in the image I have uploaded, along with my texture import and material setup. The image texture is just a PNG with a cartoon face, the background being the checkerboard pattern representing transparency. The mesh is a .blend file.

In your material, try changing the “Rendering Mode” to “Fade”. It’s up near the top. If it is on “Opaque”, it won’t allow for transparency.

Thanks for the response! I’ve tried the different rendering modes, and with “Fade” the face looks perfect, however the head disappears completely. A solution I can think of is duplicating the head and giving it it’s own material allowing it to be visible, this way one head would just be the face, and the other head would be visible as the head. This works but I was wondering if there is a way where I can just keep it at one head. But I guess that’s not necessary.


The head disappears completely because the texture you are using as Albedo is transparent except for the face. Try using a texture with a colored background. And try messing with the Transparent rendering mode too.