How do I properly setup A* Pathfinding Project?

I’ve started the process of setting up A* Pathfinding Project described at Get Started With The A* Pathfinding Project - A* Pathfinding Project. I have a new scene with a plane in layer “Ground” and cubes in layer “Obstacles.” I created an empty GameObject, named it A* and added Component->Pathinfing->Pathfinder. When I add it, I see:

From the videos I’ve seen (and the text in the Getting Started) tutorial, I should see grouped options in the inspector including “Graphs” and “Scan.” Am I just setting something up incorrectly?

Something definitely went wrong. You should indeed see a “Astar Path (Script)” Component ony oru gameObject when you add a Pathfinding/Pathfinder. I guess. You will havet ot reimport the A* package and try again.

I heard back from the author about this. I had the inspector in debug mode. You must switch it to normal to get this to work properly.