How do I push an object to a mouse specified location, and can i specify the speed it travels?

I have a first person camera on a plane with a static sphere. I am looking to be able to ‘push’ the sphere along the plane to where the mouse is pointing.
I would like this to happen only when the fpc is standing next to the sphere - like the player is guiding the sphere to a specific location.

Is there a known way to code ‘pushing’ like this?
I am new to this, but I want to learn!

Thanks for reading and for any help you can offer.

You could add a rigidbody to your player object and set the rigidbody to iskinematic.

Then give the ball a rigidbody as well. Assuming both have colliders, then you can use player.Translate(player.forward * Time.deltaTime) and the two physics objects should ‘push’ against each other.

Advanced: If you don’t want the ball to roll away, you can change the sphere’s rigid object to either have a much larger mass (harder to push) or or higher angularDrag (stops rolling more quickly).

Nice one, thanks!

I’ll get experimenting now, thanks again.