how do i put an image from the internet in unity?

im trying to put an image background from the internet in my 2D game but i dont know how to get the image in unity
thank you for your help :slight_smile:

As an educated guess, you are looking for the WWW class. You will find an example script that loads a texture into a material on the reference page for the WWW class.

i have never made a 2D game in unity, but i guess you can just create a plane & add your picture as a texture for a material for that plane, then just move it to the background… now, if your camera moves, more probable thing is that the plane will be static & will be left behind soon, then you could make the plane a child of the camera or make it move as you move via script… I’m just guessing as you’re not being that specific & i don’t have that much experience in 2D but try & let me know :wink: