How do I put game demo on my website?

I'm confused by all the jargon that's floating around. I'm a 3D architectural modeller and want to put my 3D virtual tour samples on a website as part of my resume. Is there anybody out there who can explain - in simple terms as I don't know a thing about Java, c# or c++ - how I can achieve this?

I want people to be able to go to my website, click on demo, walk around and see what I can do.

All I know is that a browser must have a graphics card and that it requires downloading Unity player. That's simple enough to understand. However, reading a few tags is giving me the impression that the planets have to align before somebody can actually view it.

Please tell me what I need to know to make things work. Do I merely build and then place .exe file on website? If so, is it as simple as merely uploading file onto website?

Somebody told me that I need to an html code to allow somebody to streamline using unity web player.


Assuming you already have a unity game up and running in the editor, you simply go to the build settings window and build it. You can do a web version and it'll spit out a web page that has the game embedded in it.

@Tetrad is correct, Unity generates the needed HTML - however, depending on what OS and web-server your server is running, you might have to configure it to allow Unity's .unity files to be served. Specifically, Windows and IIS may need a configuration setting, if your hosting company hasn't already set it. See Web-server configuration? for more details.

This video here explains how y puy it online throught google dirve, you just have to put the linkon your website