How do I put my game on my website?

I am roughly half way through my game and I was just wondering how I could put the game on my website once I am done. I have a website but if I just put a zip file up for download on my site then what is stopping people from sending it to their friends who haven’t paid for the game? Please give me some suggestion as to what I should do. Thanks.

What you are asking for is some kind of DRM. There are a lot of options, and you’ll need to research which one works best for you. You may find that the time and cost is not worth it. If your game is amenable to it, you could also try an IAP model, where you make a Webplayer (or standalone) version of your game and have users purchase items within the game. This is more secure, but requires a decent amount of in game and backend tech to make work. There are some asset store products that can help, though.

You’ll get a lot of different opinions about piracy, but fundamentally you can’t make piracy impossible, you can only make it more difficult or expensive for the pirate. Making piracy more expensive will cost you time and money, and you should ask yourself if that time and money is really worth it.