How do I put my unity game on a ps4 disk

I don’t really need it on a disk but if I could find out how to play my game on ps4 that would be great

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To play your game on a PS4, you’ll need to register as a Sony developer and get hold of a dev kit. Start here: PlayStation® Partners

With the Sony tools and a Blu ray burner you’ll be able to make ‘unsigned’ disks that only run on a dev kit.

You can’t make retail disks - these need to go through the Sony release process, where they get digitally signed.


I don’t know much about this department but I did find this discussion:


I had the same question, but I got my answer already.

To do this you need to find someone who knows how to make discs like those. The person would need to I believe I’m not sure have some machine because discs are made by certain marks. What I suggest is do some research and try to find people online on how to do this.

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