How do I re-open my UWP app?

Hello Developers!

I’ve created a sample project to test with UWP platform build.

I ran the .sln in Visual Studio 2017 and all is well: the application is automatically opened and running!

I close the application by mistake…and now I want to re-open it, I actually really want to take the whole build directory, copy paste it to a SurfacePro windows 10 tablet and side load the application to run on my tablet.


  1. How do I re-open the application on my standalone? (its obviously worked before and I don’t want to re-build it each time I want to open it…)
  2. How do I side-load it to the tablet (of course I saw this post and many others… but I can’t seem to HAVE the .appx package on my machine)
  3. Why this is a Unity3D question? Of course it is, if it weren’t for Unity I would have not be here asking this today… Oh and it’s time there’s more answered questions on this topic…)

Be well and thanks!

I’m going to answer myself: