How do i read anaylyze this profiler?

Please help me read this , for example
the percentages, what do they equal? does that 84.5 % mean? please note; I need deep details, I know this is regarding the cpu but in what context, does it mean 84 % of the cpu resources are being used? or? what exactly does this represent? and does it mean for the entire time its being called it sucks 84% of cpu resources or just for a second or? please explain every aspect

I need details and there is nothing found online in unity explaining.

what does
total column represent?
what does self column represent?
what does Calls represent?
what does time ms represent?

It means that for that particular frame at which your cursor currently is positioned your CPU took 273.42ms to finish. 84% of that time was consumed by BulletFireScript.Fire() within 7 calls (method calls e.g.). Which makes 231.07ms of the complete frame. Only 0.10ms were consumed by itself (private methods e.g.) which is about 0% of the time the frame needed to complete.

So I’d say, that your Fire() method calls some heavy methods outside BulletFireScript. Maybe Instantiate?